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Aluminium Pressure Cooker -11Ltr

QAR 124.00

Aluminium Pressure Cooker -15Ltr

QAR 154.00

Aluminium Pressure Cooker -5Ltr

QAR 89.00

Aluminium Pressure Cooker -7Ltr

QAR 109.00

Aluminium Pressure Cooker -9Ltr

QAR 116.00

Clikon Intelligent Electric Pressure Cooker CK4273 6.0 Ltr

QAR 239.00

Futura Pressure Cooker

QAR 189.00QAR 275.00

Geepas Digital Pressure Cooker 6Ltr

QAR 299.00

Geepas Electric Pressure Cooker 6Ltr

QAR 219.00

Hawkins Contura Ceramic Coated Pressure Cooker 3Ltr Apple Green

QAR 179.00

Hawkins Contura Ceramic Coated Pressure Cooker 3Ltr Mustard Yellow

QAR 179.00

Hawkins Contura Ceramic Coated Pressure Cooker 5Ltr Apple Green

QAR 219.00

Know what to look for when buying a Pressure Cooker in Qatar and Doha

To buy a pressure cooker Qatar, check out the different brands and designs that we have. You can either buy a conventional cooktop pressure cooker or modern electric pressure cookers. With kitchen products becoming more vibrant and colorful to match different kitchen designs, you will find pressure cookers in lively colors as well as those in simple steel grey and black.

Some of the things to look for when buying a pressure cooker in Qatar and Doha are:

  • Design – Traditional cooktop pressure cookers come either with a long handle or with two smaller handles on both sides. Both are effective based on how you like to handle the cooker. The longer handle is often preferred by those who want to reduce the risk of heat and steam injuries.

  • Dishwasher safe – If you are looking for a pressure cooker Qatar which can be washed easily in the dishwasher, then check in the description for these details. Some pressure cookers may not be dishwasher safe.

  • Functions for electric pressure cookers – When you buy a pressure cooker online in Qatar, you will find lots of electric pressure cooker models. These are easy to handle and offer multiple functions and auto cooking modes which makes it easy for beginners to get used to cooking food in the pressure cooker.