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Beko MGC20100W Microwave Oven 20Ltr White

QAR 199.00

Belaco Mini 9L Toaster Oven

QAR 148.00

Geepas 1200W Microwave Oven 20Ltr

QAR 219.00

Samsung GE0103MB/XSG Microwave Oven with Grill 28 Ltr

QAR 549.00

Samsung MC28H5015AW/SG Microwave Oven 28 Ltr

QAR 599.00

Samsung ME6124ST/XSG Solo Microwave Oven 34 Ltr

QAR 449.00

Samsung ME6194ST/XSG Solo Microwave Oven 55 Ltr

QAR 449.00

Samsung ME9114ST/XSG Solo Microwave Oven 32 Ltr

QAR 399.00

Samsung ME9114W/XSG Solo Microwave Oven 32 Ltr White

QAR 379.00

Samsung MG402MADXBB Microwave Oven with Grill 40 Ltr

QAR 599.00

Samsung MG40J5133AT/SG Microwave Oven with Grill 40 Ltr

QAR 499.00

Samsung MS405MADXBB/SG Microwave Oven 40 Ltr

QAR 459.00

Get the best Microwave Oven Price in Qatar

Microwave oven price in Qatar can vary largely based on the functions you want in the microwave oven. A simple microwave oven can cost as low as QAR 200, but the oven price in Qatar for multi-functional microwave ovens can go as high as QAR 600.

Before you buy a microwave oven online in Qatar, think of the functions that you will need in the microwave oven. If you do not intend to bake or grill anything in it and it is mostly for heating your food, then a basic oven will suffice and the microwave oven price in Qatar and Doha for such basic ovens are not so high.

Multi-functional ovens usually have the following functions:

  • Pre-programmed menu for different kinds of dishes
  • Child safety lock
  • Grill
  • Controls for managing the Microwave Power

These functions can reduce the need for other kitchen electronics like a separate grill. This is one reason why microwave oven price in Qatar and Doha for these ovens are higher. At, we have a variety of local and international brands that provide you with quality microwave products. You can buy a microwave oven online in Qatar at and be ensured of getting the product at the best price.