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updates on how we’re responding to the crisis

How we’re supporting our employees, customers, and communities.


Post-COVID-19 cleaning becomes one of the essential aspects of. Our customers and employees are our priority, and safeguarding their health is our primary goal. For this reason, hygiene protocols and special measures have been strengthened to ensure a safe stay in any of our facilities.

These measures are based on the qatar government’s guidelines and health recommendations to reduce coronavirus infection in the transition to the new normal. Do you want to know what cleaning measures we have implemented at? In this post, we will tell you in detail the protocol to follow in all our factories.


The first measure that we take at is the cleaning and disinfection of the place and common areas, considering for the common area every corner through.Cleaning is today more than ever, one of the essential aspects of our facilities’ daily management. In this sense, in addition to the complete cleaning and disinfection of furniture, daily ventilation – even more frequent – is a fundamental part to guarantee our warehouses’ safety. It is also important to underline that, in all common areas, there will be a hydroalcoholic disinfectant gel available to all guests and workers.a


Our customers and employees are our priority, and safeguarding their health is our primary goal.


Although we are gradually returning to normal, avoiding crowds and crowded places is the best option to prevent contagion. That is why one of the extraordinary measures taken by is to reduce the capacity of all establishments. This rule aims to ensure compliance with the minimum interpersonal safety distance, especially in the common areas mentioned above.


The employees are aware of how important it is to comply with the new cleaning rules that guarantee their health. For this reason, each department has received specialized training for the correct performance of its daily work, with the guarantee of maximum safety. All employees have also been provided with personal protective equipment (IPE), which deals with preventing occupational risks.

We are going through a significant change, and we are aware of it. For this reason, the security protocols can be updated at any time, adapting to the new cleaning measures that the government establishes as the situation progresses. Our team  provide best online soloution to overcome the current situation.

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